General info.

I make and sell handmade knives. They will last generations of use with the proper care, I guarantee my workmanship if anything should happen. If you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. I do not explicitly give care instructions, as I assume my customers to either have that knowledge, or seek it out if in doubt. I do not take custom orders, I make and put in the store when something is ready to go. I'm a one man operation and make everything from scratch by hand. I do my best to always exceed expectations, nothing leaves my shop that I don't proudly stand behind. A knife from me is supposed to be impressive, in every aspect. That is also the case to most people, and why I'm able to make these for my living.

Return policy; yes, if a knife didn't meet your expectations, talk to me and we will sort it.

Maintenance/accidents; I will always try to help you, just get in touch.

Extras with purchase IS possible if I have the time. The most common one being customer requests a saya (sheath) built for the knife. If you'd like something like this, ask for it either in comment on your purchase or email and i will get back to you.

There's plenty of previous happy customers, and honestly I don't yet know of one unhappy. If you want to get in touch with owners of my knives I can help if google doesn't help you.